On November 7, Arkuda Therapeutics announced the completion of a $44 million Series A round of financing, led by Atlas Venture and Pfizer Ventures, and Tekla Capital Management and BioInnovation Capital. The company will use the funds to promote its treatment of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) drugs through Phase I… Continue Reading Targeting granule protein precursors to prevent dementia, this company is spotlighted by Pfizer

  On November 30, Pfizer announced a settlement with AbbVie on a worldwide patent litigation against adalimumab biosimilars. Under the agreement, in the European market, Pfizer’s adalimumab biosimilars will be available for sale upon approval by the EMA. However, in the US market, Pfizer needs to market adalimumab biosimilars on… Continue Reading Pfizer and AbbVie reach a settlement, delaying the launch of Humira-like drugs in the US

EvaluatePharma’s report “World Preview 2018, Outlook to 2024” pointed out that Abbott Biotech drug Adalimumab will still defend the world’s best-selling drug list winner in 2024. Novartis will surpass Pfizer and Roche in 2024 to become the world’s largest prescription drug company with US$53.2 billion in revenue. In the increasingly… Continue Reading In 2024, the best-selling pharmaceutical company TOP10

Hemophilia is a hereditary blood coagulation dysfunction hemorrhagic disease with the disease gene located on the X chromosome, excluding about a third of spontaneous mutations or genetic changes. Men are mainly affected, and women are mostly “carriers.” Common features of hemophilia are active thrombinogenic disorders, prolonged clotting time, and a… Continue Reading Progress in Clinical Drugs for Hemophilia

Viagra From the failure of cardiovascular medications to the great success of ED indications In the 1980s, scientists at Pfizer’s European Research Center have been looking for drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases such as angina. The commonly used nitrates at that time were prone to tolerance. At that time, basic… Continue Reading How did innovative drugs fail from Viagra to PD-1?