FDA approves first GPCR antibody drug! The first new drug for migraine prevention in 20 years, with a peak sales forecast of $12.5 billion. An article published by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery in July last year showed that the FDA approved a total of 475 G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR)-related targeted… Continue Reading FDA approves first GPCR antibody drug with a peak sales forecast of $12.5 billion

Migraine is characterized by recurrent light-to-severe headaches, which usually lead to headaches, severely affect the quality of sleep, nausea, anxiety, depression, etc., affecting young people‚Äôs social skills and academic performance, and directly affecting adults. The decline in labor capacity affects about 10% of the world’s population, and the incidence of… Continue Reading Migraine Drug Market: Another Competitive Blue Ocean?

BOTOX is one of the important products of Allergan. Its main ingredient is “famous” botulinum. This product is the favorite of many beauty stars, because it has the magical effect of wrinkles and face-lift. However, a recent study shows that this “beautiful of the beauty industry” can also treat depression.… Continue Reading Allergan beauty needle BOTOX turned into a god medicine? Treating depression is also great

Since the first scientific breakthrough of the migraine drug, Schuma Cootassages, the first scientific breakthrough in the early 90s, startan drugs have led and driven the growth of the global market for anti migraine drugs. In 2005, the global anti migraine drug market reached US $3 billion 500 million. In… Continue Reading Detailed guidelines for the development of FDA’s latest acute migraine drug development guidelines