Recently, the international authoritative medical journal BMJ published a highly subversive heavyweight paper, which caused great sensation in the medical field. A large cohort study based on nearly a million people showed that the use of ACEI-type antihypertensive drugs increased the overall risk of lung cancer by 14% compared… Continue Reading A large follow-up study of 1 million people revealed that the classic antihypertensive drug ACEIs took more than 10 years, and the risk of lung cancer increased by 31%.

This is a picture of a study published online on July 12th in the JAMA Journal of Dermatology (doi:10.1001/jamadermatol. 2017.2106). It is an old photograph of a lung cancer patient receiving PD-1 medication. Follow-up photos of the comparison chart. Dr. Noelia Rivera from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain… Continue Reading PD-1 Makes a Miracle to Turn Black Hair from Lung Cancer Patients