Insulin is one of the most important drugs in the history of pharmaceuticals. Since the separation of active insulin from animals by the Canadian doctor Frederick Grant Banting, it has been around for nearly a hundred years and has been continuously upgraded to meet the demand for diabetes. To… Continue Reading After OI388GT terminated the trial, Novo Nordisk deployed oral insulin again, and plans to enter the human clinical clinic within three years.

  Gump’s troubles In 2013, Gump’s actor, the second American movie star Tom Hanks, who won the Oscar for Best Actor Award for two consecutive years, frankly told the hosts and viewers on a nighttime talk show: “When I went to see a doctor, he said to me, ‘Do you… Continue Reading From lizard venom to a new drug for type 2 diabetes – Lyxumia

The prevalence of diabetes in normal-weight population was 7.8%, and the prevalence of diabetes in obese people was 15.4%, about twice that of normal-weight people. When random blood sugar ≥11.1mmol / L, and typical symptoms of diabetes: polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia, unexplained weight loss, can be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.… Continue Reading Insulin causes both fat atrophy at the injection site and fat hyperplasia. Is it awkward?

Novolin, Aspart series insulin is a commonly used insulin in the clinic. Insulin is just one, why are there so many specifications and varieties? How to distinguish all kinds of insulin? I. The difference between human and animal insulin Bovine insulin: bovine pancreas extract, three amino acids in the molecular… Continue Reading Insulin: What is the difference between Novolin and Aspart?

Improper use of drugs not only compromises curative effect, but also causes drug intolerance or adverse reactions. Therefore, when using metformin in patients with diabetes, the doctor needs to formulate the dose and usage of the drug according to the actual situation of the patient to accurately grasp the efficacy… Continue Reading Three drug details of metformin

Diabetic people have poor blood glucose control. There are seven common causes. The last one is most easily overlooked! I. Irrational diet 【which performed】 1, many patients have diabetes, do not know the taboo, do not know what to eat, should not eat. 2, using non-staple food instead of staple… Continue Reading What are the common causes of poor blood glucose control?

Insulin or somatostatin In 1869, Berlin medical student Paul Langerhans observed the pancreas through a microscope and found that there was an island composed of morphologically abnormal cells on the pancreas. These islands of cells were later called Langerhans, but no one knew Lange at that time. The physical function… Continue Reading Tribute to Genentech: birth of a generation of biotech giants and world wars of insulin synthesis (4)

Walk into a bar At the beginning, recombinant DNA technology was limited to academic institutions’ laboratories, and only biochemists paid attention to this technology, but it soon caught the attention of the media. In May 1974, the San Francisco Chronicle carried an exclusive interview with Cohen and focused on the… Continue Reading Tribute to Genentech: birth of a generation of biotech giants and world wars of insulin synthesis (3)

Overcoming difficulties After this, Berg’s laboratory came to Janet Mertz, a new graduate student. Mertz is a rare genius who, like Lobban, studied undergraduate at MIT and earned degrees in engineering and biology. Mertz chose to join Berg Laboratories because she was very curious about Jackson’s recombinant DNA experiment. Left:… Continue Reading Tribute to Genentech: birth of a generation of biotech giants and world wars of insulin synthesis (2)