T cells have always been at the center of tumor immunotherapy. In recent years, CAR-T therapy has shown its power to treat certain types of cancer, and the FDA has approved two CAR-T therapies for the treatment of lymphoma or leukemia. At the same time, there are currently hundreds… Continue Reading How will CAR-NK therapy affect the progress of cell therapy?

I The development of immunology has gone through a very long process, and people’s understanding of the immune system has been very shallow for a long time. Although people have long recognized the importance of IL-2 as a cytokine, its role is not known. Studies in the 1960s found that… Continue Reading Tumor immune cell therapy, difficult to move forward

  About five or six years ago, the emergence of PD-1/L1 inhibitors triggered a burst of fanaticism in the field of cancer treatment, which can use the immune system to fight cancer by relieving tumor suppression of the human immune system. For a small number of patients, checkpoint inhibitors, including… Continue Reading “Three Great Mountains” for Tumor Immune Combination Therapy

On April 6, Incyte announced a key phase III ECHO – 301 (KEYNOTE – 252) the results of clinical research, according to data epacadostat inhibitor (IDO) joint Keytruda inhibitors (PD – 1) treatment is surgical resection or metastatic melanoma than used alone Keytruda failed to significantly improve progression-free surial (PFS).… Continue Reading After the defeat of IDO, what new progress has been made in the field of small molecule tumor immunotherapy?