The appearance of PD-1/L1 inhibitors about five or six years ago has triggered a frantic fever in the field of cancer treatment. This class of drugs can use the immune system to fight cancer by relieving the tumor’s suppression of the human immune system. For a small percentage of patients,… Continue Reading The path to tumor immunocombination therapy

Immune escape of tumor In the last article, I talked about the process of Munn finding IDO immunosuppression. However, when Munn is cultured for macrophage /T cells, tryptophan may not be a simple nutrient, but more likely to be a signal molecule. For many people, this view is really unacceptable.… Continue Reading The story behind the IDO inhibitor (next)

Immunosuppression David Munn probably wouldn’t have thought that the work he did decades ago would have made such a big wave in the field of tumor immunotherapy. After all, before he discovered the function of IDO, his wish was to become a pediatrician. Munn was born in Atlanta. After reading… Continue Reading The story behind the IDO inhibitor (1)