In a large LEADER study involving 9340 patients with type 2 diabetes with higher cardiovascular risk, liraglutide reduced the risk of cardiovascular death, non-fatal MI, and non-fatal stroke by 13%. The risk of death was reduced by 15% and the risk of cardiovascular death was reduced by 22%. At the… Continue Reading Liraglutide: Got natural hypoglycemic, part-time weight loss, but dislike for no effect on heart failure?

People with diabetes are no strangers to “Metformin,” which is currently the “star” drug for the treatment of diabetes worldwide. However, the mechanism of action of this drug in lowering blood sugar has always been a scientific mystery. Recently, a research team of Professor Lin Shengcai of the School of… Continue Reading Chinese scholars crack the mechanism of metformin hypoglycemic effect

Metformin has been discovered for nearly 90 years. The advantages of safety, efficacy, and low price make it the most widely used oral hypoglycemic agent in clinical practice. In 2014, approximately 14.4 million people in the United States prescribed drugs containing metformin. As evidence of the benefits of metformin in… Continue Reading Hypoglycemic + antihypertensive = anticancer? The miracle metformin is up again

Metformin has been used clinically for 60 years. With excellent sugar control efficacy and good drug safety, metformin is currently the core drug for global diabetes control. In recent years, some new research findings have emerged for metformin. What are the new hotspot findings? 1. Regulate the intestinal flora The… Continue Reading Metformin, Top 10 New Discoveries

Metformin was introduced in 1957 and has been used clinically for more than 50 years. It is currently one of the most widely used oral hypoglycemic agents in the world. Metformin has good evidence of efficacy and safety of single-agent/combination therapy, as well as evidence of good health economics. Regardless… Continue Reading Is it effective to use metformin for weight loss?