The last July 28th is the 8th World Hepatitis Day. The latest WHO statistics show that chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C affect approximately 325 million people worldwide, resulting in 1.34 million deaths each year. Nearly 30 million people infected with hepatitis B in China and 7.6 million people infected… Continue Reading Zhimeng Medicine Interview | Can hepatitis B be cured?

ContraVir is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of targeted antiviral therapies, especially the development of anti-hepatitis B virus-related drugs. One of its core anti-HBV drugs, TTX (tenofovir exalidex, CMX157), is a lipid prodrug of tenofovir. The use of natural lipid-supply pathways to deliver drugs to the liver to… Continue Reading New Hopes for Hepatitis B Treatment: Cyclophilin Inhibitors

With the help of the revolutionary Hepatitis C drug Solvadi, Gilead has become the world’s top10 biopharmaceutical giant with a market value that exceeds Lilly and AstraZeneca. After Hepatitis C was cured, the larger Hepatitis B population became the next target for the pharmaceutical industry.   Unlike Hepatitis C, Hepatitis… Continue Reading Global hepatitis B drug R & D pipeline