On July 25, Gilead released its second quarter earnings report for 2018, achieving operating income of 5.648 billion US dollars. Although it still fell 21% compared with the same period of 2017, it is true that Gilead has continued to fall after several consecutive quarters of revenues. There are signs… Continue Reading Gilead 2018Q2 quarterly report: revenues stabilized and stabilized, CAR-T outstanding performance

Hookipa and Gilead will jointly develop therapies for the treatment of HIV and hepatitis B infection The two parties will jointly conduct research and Hookipa will produce Shamir Virus-based vectors for the clinical development of Gilead. This transaction expands the existing cooperation between Hookipa and Gilead – Gilead participated in… Continue Reading Promoting the cure for AIDS and hepatitis B virus, Gilead reached a research and development cooperation with Hookipa

Gilead announced on May 30 that China’s State Drug Administration approved Epclusa (sophobavir 400 mg/Vepatavir 100 mg, Chinese brand name BingTongSha) for the treatment of the gene type 1-6 chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV). Adult infected patients. The State Drug Administration also approved that Epclusa combined with ribavirin (RBV) can… Continue Reading Gilead Genes 1~6 Hepatitis C New Drug Epclusa Approved for Listing in China

With the help of the revolutionary Hepatitis C drug Solvadi, Gilead has become the world’s top10 biopharmaceutical giant with a market value that exceeds Lilly and AstraZeneca. After Hepatitis C was cured, the larger Hepatitis B population became the next target for the pharmaceutical industry.   Unlike Hepatitis C, Hepatitis… Continue Reading Global hepatitis B drug R & D pipeline

The protection of the right to health is particularly important. The patent system encourages the innovation and research and development of drugs, but the high price and market monopoly caused by the drug patent will prevent the patients from getting urgently needed drugs in time and fully, seriously threaten public… Continue Reading The first forcible imitation of the “Sofosbuvir” case in the world