On November 26, He Jiankui, a scientist at Southern University of Science and Technology, announced that a pair of genetically edited babies named Lulu and Nana were born in China in November. The genes of the twins have been modified to make them naturally resistant to AIDS after birth.… Continue Reading Chinese scientists claim that the world’s first genetic editing baby is born! Naturally resistant to AIDS

Unexpected mechanisms make us live longer and also make us sick in old age Why do humans live longer than other primates? The traditional view is that this is due to the development of modern medicine, adequate food, and advanced health systems. However, new research shows that although the above… Continue Reading Long live humans, to thank the ancestors will not eat cooked meat?

During the annual routine checkup, the doctor said that your cholesterol is high and you have become one of the many unhealthy adults with cholesterol. According to the World Health Organization, in 2008, the global prevalence of adult total cholesterol (≥5.0 mmol/L) was 39%, of which the proportion of women… Continue Reading PCSK9 Mutation: God’s Genetically Modified and New Generation of Lipid-lowering Drugs

The life span of different mammals can be a hundredfold different. What factors influence the lifespan of species? Although human understanding of the link between decoding genetics and longevity remains to be developed, a series of studies have revealed important clues that the genome affects lifespan. The Arctic right whale… Continue Reading Why can they live 200 years?