On November 23, the application for the Bayer prostate cancer new drug Xofigo (Rainium Chloride [223Ra] Injection) was officially accepted by CDE. Xofigo was first approved by the FDA on May 15, 2013 for the treatment of advanced bone metastases in castration-resistant prostate cancer. In the Phase 3 ALSYMPCA… Continue Reading Bayer prostate cancer new drug Xofigo applied for listing in China

The last July 28th is the 8th World Hepatitis Day. The latest WHO statistics show that chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C affect approximately 325 million people worldwide, resulting in 1.34 million deaths each year. Nearly 30 million people infected with hepatitis B in China and 7.6 million people infected… Continue Reading Zhimeng Medicine Interview | Can hepatitis B be cured?

01 Antibiotic resistance For a long time, humans have been fighting diseases caused by various microorganisms. In the 1930s and 1940s, sulfa drugs and penicillin appeared successively and mass production was achieved. Humans have the weapon to resist microbes and are no longer so fearful of infection. When people used… Continue Reading Background: China limits antibiotics VS US promotes antibiotics

Caspofungin is a lipopeptide compound developed by Merck’s semi-synthetic technology for fermentation. It inhibits the synthesis of β(1,3)-D-glucan, the basic component of many filamentous fungi and yeast cell walls, and thus acts as an antifungal. The role. It can be used to treat invasive Aspergillus infections, Candida bacteremia and other… Continue Reading Industrial value of fermented semi-synthetic technology platform

The Financial Times issued a statement last week saying that thanks to the Chinese government’s regulatory support and growing interest in the investment community, China BioPharma has ushered in a booming era and has attracted many global pharmaceutical industry executives, especially multinationals. Pharmaceutical company talents. On a global scale, many… Continue Reading Localization of six heavy biologic drugs in China

RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus, respiratory syncytial virus) is a member of the pneumovirus subfamily of the Paramyxoviridae family. The virus is a common viral pathogen of respiratory tract infections. It can be distributed or erupted, local epidemic and widespread epidemic. It is a common and frequently-occurring disease in humans, especially… Continue Reading Natural whole human RSV antibody is expected to “treat” respiratory syncytial virus infection

The patient, male, aged 36, suffered from pharynx and fever after a cold. He was admitted to a local hospital for fever. He was diagnosed with upper respiratory tract infection and treated with levofloxacin. After intravenous infusion of 0.2g levofloxacin, chills, low back pain and sclerotic yellow staining occurred. After… Continue Reading Favism, stay away from these drugs.

Recently, the authoritative medical journal The Lancet published the 2016 Global Medical Accessibility and Quality (HAQ) rankings. China has leapt to the 48th place in 2016 from the 60th place in the world in 2015, ranking 12th place. It is one of the countries with the most advanced countries in… Continue Reading “The Lancet” Releases Global Medical Rankings: China Ranks 48th

Just a few days ago, in the Cancer Radiology Department of a hospital in Beijing, Dr. Wu imported a lung scan of a patient suspected of lung cancer into a software that looks like Photoshop. This is actually an artificial intelligence algorithm-based software that can use a neural network trained… Continue Reading Can artificial intelligence really relieve the doctor’s burden?

Gilead announced on May 30 that China’s State Drug Administration approved Epclusa (sophobavir 400 mg/Vepatavir 100 mg, Chinese brand name BingTongSha) for the treatment of the gene type 1-6 chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV). Adult infected patients. The State Drug Administration also approved that Epclusa combined with ribavirin (RBV) can… Continue Reading Gilead Genes 1~6 Hepatitis C New Drug Epclusa Approved for Listing in China