We often heard that “drink plenty of water” while taking medicine. Do you take any medicine and drink the same amount of water? When the pills are swallowed, what’s the matter? Actually, the requirements of drugs for water are not generalized. Most commonly used drugs require a mouthful of water… Continue Reading Be particular about medication drinking water

When friends and family meet, the spicy elbow, sauce and barbecue are on the table. When we face this oily fat, do we eat or not? After such a piece of fat meat is eaten, what effect will it have on our cardiovascular system besides putting on weight? After fat… Continue Reading How a piece of fat injure the cardiovascular system.

With the release of successful clinical data, many biopharmaceutical and biotech company “stories” have performed perfectly in 2017. Many companies have achieved milestone results, such as the first genetically modified living cell. Drugs (CAR-T therapy) received FDA approval. Of course, there are some painful new drug projects. For example, a… Continue Reading The most anticipated 15 key clinical research data in 2018