Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and distant metastases cause more than 90% of cancer deaths. Due to the limited resolution of imaging technologies such as bioluminescence and MRI, scientists have not been able to comprehensively detect metastatic cells throughout the body, which has greatly… Continue Reading Cell releases blockbuster black technology: fully revealing cancer metastasis

  Pharmacophore There must be a specific binding site in the drug-forming target that binds to the drug. Compounds that are active against a target must have similar structural features. The most common shared property of these compounds is defined as pharmacophores.   The significance of the pharmacophore model The… Continue Reading RDKit: Visual Pharmacophore

Just a few days ago, in the Cancer Radiology Department of a hospital in Beijing, Dr. Wu imported a lung scan of a patient suspected of lung cancer into a software that looks like Photoshop. This is actually an artificial intelligence algorithm-based software that can use a neural network trained… Continue Reading Can artificial intelligence really relieve the doctor’s burden?

As neurologist VSRamachandran said, all disruptive new technologies are rooted in a potentially real, imagined concept, and disruptive computer technology will inevitably bring about major changes in the field of medical health care and life sciences. . Adapting to new technologies is a slow process, and medical treatment is longer… Continue Reading These 5 high technologies are subverting future medical care