At present, there are as many as 100 PD-1/PD-L1 projects in the world (China accounts for more than 1/4). This can not help but cause everyone’s doubts: Is it possible for the pharmaceutical industry to develop R&D projects in a certain target/disease area? Have you invested too much money? Prior… Continue Reading Is the pharmaceutical industry excessively investing in the research and development of cancer?

The protection of the right to health is particularly important. The patent system encourages the innovation and research and development of drugs, but the high price and market monopoly caused by the drug patent will prevent the patients from getting urgently needed drugs in time and fully, seriously threaten public… Continue Reading The first forcible imitation of the “Sofosbuvir” case in the world

High pressure (systolic blood pressure) is not too high and low (diastolic blood pressure) is high, mostly in young and middle-aged hypertension and workplace hypertension. 1. How is the systolic and diastolic pressure formed? The circulatory system of the human body includes the heart and blood vessels, which are connected… Continue Reading Systolic blood pressure is not too high, diastolic blood pressure is high. What antihypertensive drugs should be chosen?

Telomerase structure diagram under cryo electron microscopy Because of its important role in anti-aging, telomerase has been widely concerned in the past 30 years. People yearn for the way to get a long life, but they have failed many times. In a paper published today in the journal Nature, scientists… Continue Reading Nature: new hope to resist aging! It is the first time that scientists have seen the truth of this enzyme.

In Boehringer-Ingelheim2017, sales revenue reached 18 billion 100 million euros, an increase of 15.7% over the same period, and the total expenditure on research and development exceeded 3 billion euros. It is estimated that 15 new drugs will be approved by Boehringer-Ingelheim in 2025. In April 25, 2018, Boehringer-Ingelheim released… Continue Reading Boehringer-Ingelheim 2017 earnings: revenue grew by 15.7%, 4 new drugs landed in China

The famous pharmacology James Black once said that the best way to develop a new drug is to start with an old medicine. Roger Tung has a deep understanding of this sentence. Tung has worked in Mercedes and Vertex for decades, and has seen too many cases of drug development… Continue Reading The glory and worry of deuterium drugs

Fluoroquinolones are a common type of antibiotics, but they can produce rare side effects. Researchers are trying to explore the mechanism of side effects. I When Miriam infection to the Canary Islands vacation in 2014, ears and nose hurt, had to go to a local doctor. The doctor gave her… Continue Reading When the antibiotic becomes a poison

In April 24th, PNAS published the details of the Earth BioGenome Project. This marks the beginning of the largest and most ambitious life science project in history. The project costs $4 billion 700 million, and over the next ten years, the genome sequence of all 1 million 500 thousand known… Continue Reading The largest biological research project published in history: 10 years, 1 million 500 thousand eukaryotic genome sequences were determined.

In the spinal cord of the zebrafish embryo, the new neurons glow in different colors, allowing scientists to track the development of the neural circuit Credit: T. Liu et al./Science 2018 Eric Betzig, who won the 2014 Nobel prize in chemistry, developed a super resolution fluorescence microscope and achieved a… Continue Reading Science, a Nobel laureate, delivered breakthrough results: using this microscope to see cancer cells moving 3D images.

Immune escape of tumor In the last article, I talked about the process of Munn finding IDO immunosuppression. However, when Munn is cultured for macrophage /T cells, tryptophan may not be a simple nutrient, but more likely to be a signal molecule. For many people, this view is really unacceptable.… Continue Reading The story behind the IDO inhibitor (next)