In 1999, the WHO announced that obesity was a chronic metabolic disease caused by multiple factors. Obesity is characterized by an increase in the volume and number of fat cells in the body, an abnormal increase in the percentage of body fat, and excessive fat deposition in the body. Obesity… Continue Reading How to choose among the overwhelming weight loss advertisements?

Ms. Zhang suffers from respiratory infections. Her prescription is a box of levofloxacin tablets. After 3 days, her condition improved, but she had erythema and itching on the upper arm skin. So She went back to hospital again. The dermatologist diagnosed the drug caused a photoallergic rash. The new prescription… Continue Reading Summer is coming: Who takes these medicines should avoid the sun!

Proton pump suppression (PPIs) has been warned several times in recent years. Such as kidney injury, cardiovascular problems, cerebrovascular problems, lung infections, hypomagnesemia, osteoporotic fractures or something. But no matter how it was previously warned, it is still a stomach medicine. Now, the study found that even the stomach was… Continue Reading Stop abusing proton pump inhibitors, or else the stomach will not work.

Cell therapy   In 1968, Steven Rosenberg thought he had encountered an extremely rare case. Rosenberg was also a resident at West Roxbury VA Hospital. The patient’s right upper abdominal pain was unbearable. Rosenberg was examined and found that he had acute cholecystitis. Nothing serious, he thought so, it would… Continue Reading CAR-T Legend (I)

Clinically, if infertility patients are encountered, we should first check the cause of infertility. In addition to screening for physical diseases and other factors, it is also necessary to screen whether there is any possibility of infertility due to taking drugs. The adverse effects of the drug on the childbirth… Continue Reading Do not use these 8 kinds of drugs in pregnancy.

According to the forecast of Datamonitor Healthcare, the weight loss market in the United States will grow from the current 5.3 billion US dollars to 1.2 billion US dollars over the next decade. However, if a more effective treatment plan emerges, the market may experience dramatic growth. It is understood… Continue Reading The next decade of the diet pill market

If you prioritize the cooperation, almost every time Google cooperates with the pharmaceutical giants, it is based on the combination of current technology and traditional pharmaceutical research and development to improve existing medical services. An expert interviewed by Firstword said: “What Google is doing today is like a human step… Continue Reading Google’s dream cooperation with pharmaceutical companies

Forgetting, one of the most sad diseases Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that makes countless people to feel fear and power from deep inside. Perhaps people think that this is only an unfortunate disease that the old people will have. But in fact, the ageing of the human brain starts… Continue Reading A drop of blood can predict whether can you escape Alzheimer’s disease

People with diabetes are no strangers to “Metformin,” which is currently the “star” drug for the treatment of diabetes worldwide. However, the mechanism of action of this drug in lowering blood sugar has always been a scientific mystery. Recently, a research team of Professor Lin Shengcai of the School of… Continue Reading Chinese scholars crack the mechanism of metformin hypoglycemic effect

When friends and family meet, the spicy elbow, sauce and barbecue are on the table. When we face this oily fat, do we eat or not? After such a piece of fat meat is eaten, what effect will it have on our cardiovascular system besides putting on weight? After fat… Continue Reading How a piece of fat injure the cardiovascular system.