Unexpected mechanisms make us live longer and also make us sick in old age Why do humans live longer than other primates? The traditional view is that this is due to the development of modern medicine, adequate food, and advanced health systems. However, new research shows that although the above… Continue Reading Long live humans, to thank the ancestors will not eat cooked meat?

Serotonin is a compound that makes people’s brains feel pleasant. According to a recent study by Shu Qingying and his collaborators at Zhejiang University’s College of Agriculture, the pests also like serotonin. When pests feed on rice, the content of serotonin in the plant will increase. For pests, this will… Continue Reading Pest survival strategy: serotonin

654-2 is just its code name, its real name is anisodamine. As a classic anti-M cholinergic drug, doctors are very familiar with its basic applications, mainly for the relief of smooth muscle spasm, gastroenteric colic, biliary fistula and acute microcirculation disorders and organic phosphorus poisoning. But apart from these, he… Continue Reading New Clinical Application of Anisodamine (654-2)

Metformin has been used clinically for 60 years. With excellent sugar control efficacy and good drug safety, metformin is currently the core drug for global diabetes control. In recent years, some new research findings have emerged for metformin. What are the new hotspot findings? 1. Regulate the intestinal flora The… Continue Reading Metformin, Top 10 New Discoveries

Invisible Killer The liver is a very magical organ with many functions, such as participating in the synthesis of various proteins, participating in the metabolism of drugs and secreting the bile needed to digest food. In addition, the liver regulates the amount of sugars, proteins and fats that enter the… Continue Reading Invisible Killer: A Path to Explore Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

What kind of body is perfect? In fact, the “perfect individual” has never existed: from goose bumps to men’s nipples to snoring, many physiological features of the human body are the legacy of evolution… Which is the most perfect human body in the world? Is Michelangelo’s David? Or was Vinturvius… Continue Reading What is the defect of evolution that boasts of advanced human beings?

Viagra From the failure of cardiovascular medications to the great success of ED indications In the 1980s, scientists at Pfizer’s European Research Center have been looking for drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases such as angina. The commonly used nitrates at that time were prone to tolerance. At that time, basic… Continue Reading How did innovative drugs fail from Viagra to PD-1?

A Danish clinical study showed that pregnant women taking oral fluconazole (Diflucan or generic drugs) to treat yeast infections may increase the risk of miscarriage. The FDA issued a security newsletter on April 26 saying that it is investigating the results of the study and other relevant research data, and… Continue Reading FDA: Oral fluconazole in pregnant women may increase risk of miscarriage

Based on the image, the fusion of multimodal data provides automatic referral, provides support for definitive diagnosis, and provides primary imaging reports. This is the vision given by readers of all-imaging medical imaging. In some of the most prominent public data sets in the field of medical imaging, BRATS focuses… Continue Reading Voxel Technology: Whole Disease Medical Image Reader

In the natural world, there are numerous complex and exquisite patterns and forms:  clouds gathering and spreading, animal markings, and the plant’s leafy phyllosma. They convey the beauty of nature and stimulate the curiosity of scientists. In 1952, Alan Turing, the father of modern computers and artificial intelligence, came up with the conjecture… Continue Reading Science: Based on Turing’s conjecture, Zhejiang University scientists developed a super water film