Although it is normal to drop about 50-100 hairs a day, too much hair can cause great pain and stress. With the increasingly fierce social competition, people’s work and study pressures are increasing, and the “Mediterranean” and rising hairlines are becoming more and more common. At present, there are no… Continue Reading Rescue hairline: The hope of healing alopecia depends on the side effects of this drug?

Human rhinovirus This is a problem that has plagued scientists for hundreds of years. Until recently, researchers announced that they may have taken a big step forward in overcoming this problem, and that the problem is the common cold. On average, adults in general suffer from colds 2 to 3… Continue Reading The “incurable disease” that all people have had hope for cure?

The core mechanism of CAR-T therapy is to specifically identify tumor-associated antigens, so that the targeting, killing activity, and persistence of effector T cells are greatly increased compared with conventionally applied immune cells, thereby breaking the host immune tolerance state, overcoming immune escape, and ultimately killing tumor cells. CAR-T therapy… Continue Reading Global CAR-T Therapy R&D Pattern

This is a picture of a study published online on July 12th in the JAMA Journal of Dermatology (doi:10.1001/jamadermatol. 2017.2106). It is an old photograph of a lung cancer patient receiving PD-1 medication. Follow-up photos of the comparison chart. Dr. Noelia Rivera from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain… Continue Reading PD-1 Makes a Miracle to Turn Black Hair from Lung Cancer Patients

BOTOX is one of the important products of Allergan. Its main ingredient is “famous” botulinum. This product is the favorite of many beauty stars, because it has the magical effect of wrinkles and face-lift. However, a recent study shows that this “beautiful of the beauty industry” can also treat depression.… Continue Reading Allergan beauty needle BOTOX turned into a god medicine? Treating depression is also great

With the release of successful clinical data, many biopharmaceutical and biotech company “stories” have performed perfectly in 2017. Many companies have achieved milestone results, such as the first genetically modified living cell. Drugs (CAR-T therapy) received FDA approval. Of course, there are some painful new drug projects. For example, a… Continue Reading The most anticipated 15 key clinical research data in 2018

Metformin has been discovered for nearly 90 years. The advantages of safety, efficacy, and low price make it the most widely used oral hypoglycemic agent in clinical practice. In 2014, approximately 14.4 million people in the United States prescribed drugs containing metformin. As evidence of the benefits of metformin in… Continue Reading Hypoglycemic + antihypertensive = anticancer? The miracle metformin is up again

With the help of the revolutionary Hepatitis C drug Solvadi, Gilead has become the world’s top10 biopharmaceutical giant with a market value that exceeds Lilly and AstraZeneca. After Hepatitis C was cured, the larger Hepatitis B population became the next target for the pharmaceutical industry.   Unlike Hepatitis C, Hepatitis… Continue Reading Global hepatitis B drug R & D pipeline

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is related to heart problems. This is logical because the normal operation of all organs of the body depends on the normal heart blood supply. As previous studies have found, men’s poor eating habits may cause cardiovascular health problems, which in turn increase the risk of ED.… Continue Reading Eat more fruits against ED

I In the spring of 2011, Jennifer Doudna of the University of California, Berkeley, travelled to Puerto Rico to attend the annual meeting of the American Microbiology Society. On the afternoon of the second day of the meeting, she went to a coffee shop with her friend John van der… Continue Reading The future is now: how CRISPR technology changes the world