Almost everyone did not notice that the cumulative market value of the three CRISPR listed companies tripled between June 2017 and June 2018, with a cumulative market value of nearly $6 billion. However, in the past six months, the market value of these three companies has fallen by nearly… Continue Reading Progress of the latest clinical trials of 3 CRISPR listed companies

  Clinical outcomes are one of the gold standards for assessing the availability of new drugs, which often determines their reputation after listing. As a “living drug”, CAR-T therapy is to collect blood from patients, transport blood samples to the production GMP center, extract and purify T cells, lentivirus transfection… Continue Reading CAR-T production, outsourcing or building your own factory?

  The original research pricing strategy caused controversy A few years ago, a group of oncologists wrote an editorial on drug prices, with the breakthrough tyrosine kinase inhibitor Gleevec (imatinib mesylate) as an example of extreme pricing practices. This has sparked a major discussion about the price and value of… Continue Reading Reflection on Gleevec pricing

  Last year, the FDA approved two CAR-T products to be marketed, namely Kymriah of Novartis and Yescarta of Gilead. Although both products are capable of targeting CD19, there are significant differences in their CAR design. The co-stimulation zone of Kymriah uses 4-1BB, while the co-stimulation zone of Yescarta’s CAR… Continue Reading Yescarta vs. Kymriah, which CAR-T product is better?

Trabexidine   In the late 1980s, Brian Bingham was still a Ph.D. He carries his bags to the Florida Keys every month. Among the mangroves that surround the island, there is the sea squirts that the marine biologist has been studying, and it is also the best place to study… Continue Reading Trabexidine: the first anti-tumor drug derived from the ocean

FDA approves first GPCR antibody drug! The first new drug for migraine prevention in 20 years, with a peak sales forecast of $12.5 billion. An article published by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery in July last year showed that the FDA approved a total of 475 G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR)-related targeted… Continue Reading FDA approves first GPCR antibody drug with a peak sales forecast of $12.5 billion

IDO Inhibitor Stops Recruiting Patients in Multiple Clinical Trials On May 2, Incyte announced that multiple late-stage clinical trials of epacadostat with MSD, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Aslicon PD-1/PD-L1 drugs will stop the recruitment of patients. At the same time, Bristol-Myers Squibb also stopped several clinical trials with the PD-1 combination… Continue Reading A week of news

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection that resembles flu and can develop into a fatal complication, namely severe dengue fever. The incidence of dengue fever has risen rapidly, mainly in the tropical and subtropical regions. About half of the world’s population is at risk of dengue fever. In some… Continue Reading Observing the Difficult Development Course of Dengue Fever Vaccine from the Rise and Fall of Dengvaxia

On April 28, 2018, the State Drug Administration of China conditionally approved the listing of a nine-valent human papilloma virus vaccine (HPV vaccine) for the prevention of cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine is the first vaccine in the world to include cancer as an indication in its instructions. At this… Continue Reading Nine-valent Cervical Cancer Vaccine Listed in China