When BMS paid for the acquisition of Celgene in early January, investors who were not optimistic about the deal considered a big risk that Celgene’s blockbuster drug Revlimid faced a patent challenge and sales would shrink sharply. But a recent US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) decision has given… Continue Reading The lenalidomide patent challenge threatens to be temporarily lifted! Dr. Reddy’s three patent challenges were invalidated

  In 2010, with the support of the international drug purchasing agency UNITAID, the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) was established in Geneva. MPP negotiates with the original pharmaceutical company on the voluntary license of the drug patent. The original drug company puts its drug patent into the patent pool, and… Continue Reading Medicines Patent Pool: chicken ribs or opportunities?

Just as several large pharmaceutical companies faced patent cliffs several years ago, the next six years, another wave of original research drugs face patent limits. A recent EvaluatePharma report stated that between 2018 and 2024, sales of medicines that are about to lose patent protection amounted to US$250 billion. The… Continue Reading A new wave of patent cliffs arrives, affecting 250 billion US dollars of original research varieties

In the 2017 global Top10 drug sales list, AbbVie’s Humira (adamumab) won the laurel for $18 billion 427 million, which was the sixth consecutive year of the global “drug king” after the 2012 baton of Brady. One hundred billion sales, past and present Adalimumab is the world’s first commercially available… Continue Reading How long can the glory of adalimumab continue?

In 2017, it was honored as the first year of major changes in the intellectual property of pharmaceuticals. Patent linking system, orange book, patent term compensation, data protection system, these ever-familiar words are familiar to Chinese medicine people from this year. Both the generic medicine and the new medicine industry… Continue Reading An article to read the big game of drug patent link reform in China