Insulin is one of the most important drugs in the history of pharmaceuticals. Since the separation of active insulin from animals by the Canadian doctor Frederick Grant Banting, it has been around for nearly a hundred years and has been continuously upgraded to meet the demand for diabetes. To… Continue Reading After OI388GT terminated the trial, Novo Nordisk deployed oral insulin again, and plans to enter the human clinical clinic within three years.

An anti-vaccine illustration in 1894. The attitude of people in the picture to the vaccine has become a reality in the United States a hundred years later. The collapse of trust in vaccines may result in some parents reducing the vaccination of their children, and once this happens, it will… Continue Reading How did the anti-vaccine campaign in the United States rise?

When hematologic malignancies are ineffective in repeated chemotherapy, CAR-T therapy has undoubtedly provided hope for this type of patient as a new option in recent years. However, clinicians and analysts in the United States have said that the current two new varieties of CAR-T products listed in the United States,… Continue Reading US insurance system for CAR-T therapy

Recently, the authoritative medical journal The Lancet published the 2016 Global Medical Accessibility and Quality (HAQ) rankings. China has leapt to the 48th place in 2016 from the 60th place in the world in 2015, ranking 12th place. It is one of the countries with the most advanced countries in… Continue Reading “The Lancet” Releases Global Medical Rankings: China Ranks 48th

ContraVir is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of targeted antiviral therapies, especially the development of anti-hepatitis B virus-related drugs. One of its core anti-HBV drugs, TTX (tenofovir exalidex, CMX157), is a lipid prodrug of tenofovir. The use of natural lipid-supply pathways to deliver drugs to the liver to… Continue Reading New Hopes for Hepatitis B Treatment: Cyclophilin Inhibitors

Based on the image, the fusion of multimodal data provides automatic referral, provides support for definitive diagnosis, and provides primary imaging reports. This is the vision given by readers of all-imaging medical imaging. In some of the most prominent public data sets in the field of medical imaging, BRATS focuses… Continue Reading Voxel Technology: Whole Disease Medical Image Reader