Insulin is one of the most important drugs in the history of pharmaceuticals. Since the separation of active insulin from animals by the Canadian doctor Frederick Grant Banting, it has been around for nearly a hundred years and has been continuously upgraded to meet the demand for diabetes. To… Continue Reading After OI388GT terminated the trial, Novo Nordisk deployed oral insulin again, and plans to enter the human clinical clinic within three years.

  Gilead Science announced on February 12 that NASH’s research drug, ASK1 inhibitor selonsertib (GS4997), missed the primary endpoint in its first phase III clinical trial (STELLAR-4). STELLAR-4 is a phase III randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the NASH new drug selonsertib in patients… Continue Reading Gilead NASH new drug selonsertib first phase III clinical failure

  B vitamins are all coenzymes involved in the metabolism of important substances such as sugar, fat and protein, and are indispensable water-soluble vitamins for maintaining normal functions of the human body. B vitamins are easily destroyed in an alkaline environment, and the human body cannot manufacture and synthesize by… Continue Reading Summary of the efficacy of B vitamins

  Recently, the international authoritative medical journal BMJ published a highly subversive heavyweight paper, which caused great sensation in the medical field. A large cohort study based on nearly a million people showed that the use of ACEI-type antihypertensive drugs increased the overall risk of lung cancer by 14% compared… Continue Reading A large follow-up study of 1 million people revealed that the classic antihypertensive drug ACEIs took more than 10 years, and the risk of lung cancer increased by 31%.

  Many people are troubled by stomach problems for many years, so what is the reason? Bad habits and mental stress were once considered to be major factors, but there is another reason that must be mentioned, that is, Helicobacter pylori.   I. Discovery of Helicobacter pylori In 1982, Australian… Continue Reading Do you know about Helicobacter pylori?

  1. Why medication is necessary? Both domestic and imported aspirin can cause fatal stomach bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage. Hundreds of millions of patients are taking small doses of aspirin, which must be administered and should be standardized. Aspirin medication (paper or verbal): Enteric tablets should be taken before meals;… Continue Reading 15 FAQ for low-dose aspirin

  Fatty liver has become the most common chronic liver disease in the world. The prevalence of fatty liver in adults in China has exceeded 25%, and one in every 3 adults in Beijing and Shanghai has fatty liver. When B-ultrasound diagnoses fatty liver, do you need medication? What medicine… Continue Reading What drugs can be used for fatty liver?

  The patient, male, 36 years old, developed sore throat after a cold, fever in a local hospital, diagnosed with upper respiratory tract infection, and received levofloxacin. After intravenous infusion of 0.2 g of levofloxacin, there was chills, chills, low back pain, yellow staining of the skin sclera, and then… Continue Reading Avoid these drugs when you have Favism

  Statins are lipid-lowering drugs that stabilize and reverse atherosclerotic plaques and significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular death. Commonly used statins are lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, pitavastatin, atorvastatin and rosuvastatin. What is the difference between them?   1. The difference in medication time First, the time of taking medicine… Continue Reading What is the difference between statins?

  Before we start, let’s first understand the basic principles of treatment.   1. The goal of constipation treatment is to relieve fecal incarceration, to prevent fecal re-adduction, and to maintain painless bowel movements. Releasing the fecal incarceration is necessary for rectal administration or oral administration for laxative purposes; and… Continue Reading How should children be treated for functional constipation?