GPCR (G Protein-Coupled Receptor), the largest membrane protein family in the mammalian genome, is widely distributed in the central nervous system, the immune system, the cardiovascular, retina and other organs and tissues, and is involved in the development of the body and the functioning of normal functions. If the regulation… Continue Reading Research and development of antibody drugs for GPCR family

In April 23rd, the listing application of Heng Rui PD-1 monoclonal antibody Camrelizumab injection (SHR-1210) (CXSS1800009) was accepted by CDE. So far, 5 companies have applied for PD-1 mAb in China, and BMS’s Opdivo has been the first to receive priority assessment. The indications of the 5 companies were different.… Continue Reading HengRui pharmaceutical PD-1 mAb SHR-1210 is listed on the market

In the decades since Genentech’s birth, the biomedical industry has seen countless new technologies, countless new companies. Many of these technologies have been touted as a revolutionary new breakthrough in recombinant DNA, such as gene sequencing, gene editing and RNA interference. But today, no single technology can revolutionize the pharmaceutical… Continue Reading Conceit, determination and frustration: the unveiling of the biggest unicorn, Moderna

On April 6, Incyte announced a key phase III ECHO – 301 (KEYNOTE – 252) the results of clinical research, according to data epacadostat inhibitor (IDO) joint Keytruda inhibitors (PD – 1) treatment is surgical resection or metastatic melanoma than used alone Keytruda failed to significantly improve progression-free surial (PFS).… Continue Reading After the defeat of IDO, what new progress has been made in the field of small molecule tumor immunotherapy?

On April 17, takeda announced “Ixazomib citrate capsules obtains the national food and drug supervision and administration bureau (CFDA, now the SDA) issued by the drug import registration certificate, allowed to joint drug lenalidomide and dexamethasone for the treatment of always get at least one line treatment of multiple myeloma… Continue Reading Ixazomib was approved by the CFDA for approval, and the import of new drugs was accelerated in China.

In 1970, the zambian nun Mary Jucunda wrote a letter to Ernst Stuhlinger, who worked for NASA. “There are still so many children on the planet who don’t have enough to eat,” said sister Mary Jucunda. “why is NASA investing billions of dollars in space programs?” . Mary Jucunda didn’t… Continue Reading Age of natural antibody: new drug dreams of LiaoHuaXin and ZhengWeihong

On April 18, the FDA approved a listing application for the monoclonal antibody drug Burosumab (Crysvita) for the treatment of x-linked low phosphate-linked rickets (XLH) for children aged 1 and above and adults. Prior to that, Burosumab had received conditional approval from the European Union in February. It is understood… Continue Reading Burosumab approved by FDA for the treatment of rare rickets

Throughout the development of new drugs in the field of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the high failure rate in clinical trials is prohibitive. There are many reasons for this. The core problem is not enough awareness of AD itself. Therefore, we need to adjust the cognition of AD from all angles.… Continue Reading Detailed description of FDA’s latest development guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease

“If the two III trials are positive, we will submit a new drug to FDA in 2019,” the vTv Therapeutics chief executive, Stephen Holcomb, in the early January interview on the Alzheimer’s drug azeliragon, adding: “azeliragon has gained the speed of FDA. The passage, the approval process will be accelerated.… Continue Reading A shocking map of Alzheimer’s disease “failure”

In April 17th and 19th, the medicine magic cube &GLG Geli group held the “China contract research organisations (CRO) market and the Chinese pharmaceutical CRO industry atlas conference” in Beijing and Shanghai respectively. Zhou Liyun, the founder of the medicine magic cube, combed the scale of the CRO industry, the… Continue Reading Is it a wise move for CRO companies to get involved in new drug research and development?