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On January 18th, Celgene announced a partnership with Kyn Therapeutics, a startup that is committed to developing immune systems against cancer.

Kyn is an investment by Atlas Venture and OrbiMed and is headquartered in Boston. Celgene will pay Kyn a down payment of $80 million and an undisclosed equity investment to gain exclusive rights to two immunometabolic regulators, and Celgene will make further development decisions after Kyn completes Phase Ib clinical trials.


Kyn’s product pipeline

Kyn’s pipeline involves multiple products, including TDO and IDO. In fact, BMS once laid out on this track and burned out $800 million, terminating two Phase III clinical studies.

“This transaction demonstrates that Celgene will continue to work with external partners,” said Robert Hershberg, director of business development and global alliances at Celgene.

In fact, Celgene is developing with active trading partnerships. According to incomplete statistics, Celgene has carried out 91 transactions in the past 10 years (131 times in BMS), which is far more than Biogen and Gilead, comparable to Genentech and Amgen.

Since 2009, Celgene has introduced 58 compound and platform-based projects (some of which were expansions of previous transactions) and has paid more than $3 billion in advance payments, most of which are options trading (47).


Celgene external cooperation to pay the down payment TOP20 transaction

Since 2002, Celgene has made more than $24 billion in acquisitions and purchased 11 biotech companies. From the perspective of Celgene’s past purchases, the price ranged from $200 million to $9 billion, with the largest acquisitions taking Juno for $9 billion in early 2018.


Some companies acquired by Celgene


On the eve of the JP Morgan Conference on January 3, Celgene, one of the most active trading players in the global biomedical field, was announced by the more enthusiastic BMS. The transaction amount of the two companies of 74 billion US dollars also left a strong mark in the history of biopharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions. After the merger of BMS/Celgene, its position in the field of cancer has greatly improved.

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