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Oral mucosal ulcers are a very common disease, often caused by insufficient vitamin intake, bites, and food scratching of the oral mucosa. Because the pain is obvious, the child will lead to anorexia, crying, and prolonged disease. Here are four tips for shortening the course of oral ulcers.

Oral mucosal ulcer, also known as “mouth sore”, is a superficial ulcer that occurs on the oral mucosa. It can range in size from rice to soy, into a round or oval shape. The ulcer surface is a cavity ulcer, and the surrounding is congested. Irritating food causes pain and usually takes one to two weeks to heal.

Oral mucosal ulcer can invade any part of the oral mucosa, preferably in the mouth area, the tongue edge, the tongue and abdomen, and then gradually move to the back of the mouth, such as the parapharyngeal and soft palate, the pain is severe. Oral ulcers include infectious ulcers and non-infectious ulcers. The former is generally seen in low immune function, chemoradiotherapy complications, and fungal infections are more common; daily non-infectious ulcers are more common, mostly due to insufficient vitamin intake, bites The food is scratched by the oral mucosa. Because the pain is obvious, the child will lead to anorexia, crying, and prolonged disease. Here are four tips for shortening the course of oral ulcers.


1. Smecta + multivitamin

Many parents have misunderstandings and think that Smecta is a medicine for treating children with diarrhea, but it is not.

Smecta, also known as montmorillonite powder, is mainly composed of silica and alumina. It has a layered structure and a non-uniform charge structure. It has a strong covering effect on the oral mucosa and binds to mucosal proteins. The two aspects repair the oral mucosa and improve the defense ability of the mucosa to the pathogenic factors. In addition, bacteria and viruses can adhere to the mucosal surface and be excreted with saliva. As a coenzyme of various enzymes in the body, vitamins have an important role in promoting tissue metabolism and anti-oxidation.

Parents can grind Smecta and multivitamin tablets into a dough, paste them with glycerin, and apply them to the oral ulcers with a cotton swab. This can help relieve pain and speed up the disease.


2. Benzalkonium chloride mouthwash

Benzalkonium chloride is a kind of cationic surfactant, which is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which can change the permeability of bacterial cytoplasmic membrane, make the cytoplasmic material of the bacteria extravasate, hinder its metabolism and kill.

The mucosal disinfection concentration is 0.05%, and it is necessary to dilute the purchased finished product and use it again. It is suitable for children who are slightly older, reducing the incidence of swallowing, but a small amount of swallowing mouthwash is not a problem.


3. Oral ulcer paste

Oral ulcer paste is a commonly used treatment in clinical practice, mainly dexamethasone film or chlorhexidine dexamethasone film.

Because glucocorticoids have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, they can accelerate the speed of mucosal repair, so they are widely used in adults. However, due to the special physiological characteristics of children, it can be used less frequently. It is not recommended to use glucocorticoid film for long-term treatment.


4. Lidocaine gel

As a safer local anesthetic, lidocaine excipients can be uniformly attached to the mucosa, and can delay the release of the drug, the absorption of the drug by the mucosa mucosa, and prolong the action of the drug. At the same time, it has a lubricating effect, which can reduce the discomfort caused by the application of ulcers. Parents can apply a small amount of lidocaine gel to the ulcer before the child’s meal, which can reduce the feeding difficulties caused by pain during the child’s eating.

The above methods are relatively easy to operate, and the clinical efficacy is satisfactory. During the nursing process, the oral hygiene of the child should be paid attention to, and the mouth should be rinsed after three meals to reduce the occurrence of ulcer infection. Parents need to consult the doctor’s specific preparation methods and methods of use, treatment and other specific matters before use.

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