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Novolin, Aspart series insulin is a commonly used insulin in the clinic. Insulin is just one, why are there so many specifications and varieties? How to distinguish all kinds of insulin?

I. The difference between human and animal insulin

Bovine insulin: bovine pancreas extract, three amino acids in the molecular structure are different from human insulin, the effect is slightly worse, prone to allergies or insulin resistance.

Porcine insulin: pig pancreas extract, the molecular structure of only one amino acid is different from human insulin, the effect is better than bovine insulin, and the side effect is smaller than that of bovine insulin.

Human insulin: non-extracted, but genetically engineered, with higher purity; molecular structure is the same as natural human insulin with fewer side effects.

II. The difference between Novolin and Aspart

Novolin: Human insulin, the molecular structure is the same as natural human insulin, the effect is better than animal insulin, and fewer side effects.

Aspart: Insulin aspartate, which belongs to human insulin analogues, has a molecular structure different from that of natural human insulin. Its therapeutic effect is the same as that of human insulin, and its absorption is faster when injected subcutaneously.

1. Novolin and Aspart:

Both Novolin (human insulin injection) and Aspart (Insulin aspartate injection) are colorless, clear liquids, all containing zinc, all containing bacteriostatic agents (m-cresol and phenol).

Compared with Novolin, Aspart has a faster onset of action, a faster peak effect, a shorter maintenance time, and a lower risk of hypoglycemia.

2. Novolin premixed Aspart premix:

Novolin premix (human insulin + protamine human insulin) and Aspart premix (Insulin aspartate + protamine Insulin aspartate), both white suspensions, both containing protamine and zinc, both containing bacteriostatic agents (m-cresol and phenol).

1~2 subcutaneous injections per day: optional Novolin premix or Aspart premix; 3 subcutaneous injections per day: Aspart premix is ‚Äč‚Äčrecommended for diabetes guidelines (in order to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia).

3. Administration time:

Insulin aspartate and human insulin: lower postprandial blood glucose; protamine Insulin aspartate and protamine human insulin: reduce fasting blood sugar. Premixed insulin: Reduce postprandial blood glucose and fasting blood sugar.

Subcutaneous injection: Insulin aspartate absorbs faster under the skin, so the effect is faster, the peak effect is faster, and it can be administered immediately after mealtime; human insulin should be administered 30 minutes before meal (must be taken 30 minutes after administration) ).

4. Route of administration

Novolin (human insulin injection), Aspart (Insulin aspartate injection): are colorless and clear solutions, and do not precipitate at physiological pH, can be intravenously injected.

NovolinN, Novolin premix (30R, 50R), Aspart premix (30, 50): all white suspension, can only be injected subcutaneously, never intravenously.

However, only Aspart (Insulin aspartate injection) can be administered by an insulin pump.

5. Injection specifications

1 IU of insulin is defined as the amount of insulin required to reduce the blood glucose concentration in fasting rabbits to 2.5 mmol/L.

Different insulin injections, the concentration of insulin can be 2.5 times different, and can never be mixed.

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