On July 25, Gilead released its second quarter earnings report for 2018, achieving operating income of 5.648 billion US dollars. Although it still fell 21% compared with the same period of 2017, it is true that Gilead has continued to fall after several consecutive quarters of revenues. There are signs… Continue Reading Gilead 2018Q2 quarterly report: revenues stabilized and stabilized, CAR-T outstanding performance

Cellular immunotherapy currently achieves significant efficacy in chronic myeloid leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. The first CAR-T treatment (KymriahTM) was approved by the FDA on August 31, 2017 for the treatment of two or more relapses under the age of 25 in patients with B-cell precursor… Continue Reading Prospect of cellular immunotherapy for liver cancer

Recently, the latest research results published by Natural Microorganism magazine, some phage can infect the gastrointestinal flora, which may be related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Microbial communities have recently been a hot spot in inflammatory disease research, and an article published in May this year suggested that the intestinal… Continue Reading Nature Microbiology: Is phage virus the culprit causing inflammatory bowel disease?

In the eyes of chemists, nature is really amazing. Many complex natural products have good pharmacological activities, and people have always wanted to simulate the magical power of nature to synthesize these compounds. But for chemists, artificial synthesis is often extremely difficult due to the complexity of the structure of… Continue Reading Eribulin – Everest in the chemical synthesis world

“In the next few years, by targeting genomic variation, doctors will be able to cure a range of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and cancer. In fact, we can now imagine that our grandchildren, cancer, A noun will become very strange to them.”   In June 2000,… Continue Reading Guide to non-medicinal protein target roaming

An anti-vaccine illustration in 1894. The attitude of people in the picture to the vaccine has become a reality in the United States a hundred years later. The collapse of trust in vaccines may result in some parents reducing the vaccination of their children, and once this happens, it will… Continue Reading How did the anti-vaccine campaign in the United States rise?

The gender difference in drugs is an objective fact. The statin lipid-lowering drug simvastatin, the gastrointestinal motility drug cisapride and the antihistamine terfenadine were all withdrawn from the market because they were found to cause lethal rhabdomyolysis or severe arrhythmias in women shortly after the market. So, what other drugs… Continue Reading Five kinds of drugs are different for men and women.

Yeast is indispensable in human production and life. From the food to the production of biological raw materials, this microbe is full of images. But in the same way, yeast can cause diseases in humans in some cases. Among them, Candida krusei is one of the five most common yeasts.… Continue Reading This high lethal yeast has been used to produce beer and bread.

On July 17, US time, FDA Administrator Scott Gottlieb publicly criticized biotech pharmaceutical companies for using unpleasant strategies to keep low-cost competitors out of the market. The Brookings Institution, the US think-tank, also said in a recent speech that it is developing a Biosimilars Action Plan that includes improving the… Continue Reading FDA Director calls for increased overseas drug imports

01 Antibiotic resistance For a long time, humans have been fighting diseases caused by various microorganisms. In the 1930s and 1940s, sulfa drugs and penicillin appeared successively and mass production was achieved. Humans have the weapon to resist microbes and are no longer so fearful of infection. When people used… Continue Reading Background: China limits antibiotics VS US promotes antibiotics