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Evaluate Pharma’s report “World Preview 2018, Outlook to 2024” published in BIO2018 recently pointed out that Novartis will surpass Pfizer and Roche in 2024 and become the world’s largest prescription drug company with a revenue of 53.2 billion U.S. dollars.


Global Prescription Drug Corporation TOP10 in 2024

Analysts pointed out that Novartis only had 3 billion-dollar products (Cosentyx, Entresto, Jakaf) to enter the TOP50 list in 2024. The reason why it is able to ascend to the throne is mainly because it covers a wide range of innovative drug combinations and a wealth of product pipelines such as biosimilar drugs and generic drugs. For example, sales of at least 12 products will exceed US$500 million. In addition, Novartis continues to make strategic investments and maintain its leading position in emerging technologies. Kymriah was the first FDA-approved CAR-T therapy. The company also acquired AveXis, a leading gene therapy company, for $8.7 billion.

With important innovations in the tumor field (Ibrance, Bavencio), immunotherapeutics (Xeljanz, Eucrisa), biosimilars, and expired patents, Pfizer will lead Roche in second place with a slight advantage.

Cancer is still a core asset of Roche, and the first PD-L1 inhibitor Tecentriq approved by the FDA will be the “newcomer” to lead the growth of Roche tumor products, but Roche will also increasingly rely on non-oncology assets (Ocrevus and Hemlibra, etc.) ) to promote growth.

Global Prescription Drug Company TOP20 in 2024

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