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BOTOX is one of the important products of Allergan. Its main ingredient is “famous” botulinum. This product is the favorite of many beauty stars, because it has the magical effect of wrinkles and face-lift. However, a recent study shows that this “beautiful of the beauty industry” can also treat depression.

A phase II clinical trial initiated by a German investigator showed that a single administration of Botox was not as effective as other antidepressants in the treatment of depression. Allergan was overjoyed after learning about the results of the study. Allergan’s chief scientific officer Nicholson said, “If this discovery can be reproduced, there is no doubt that Botox will be able to shine in the field of psychotherapy”.

At present, millions of Americans suffer from depression. Depression is divided into different types. Each type requires different treatments. The current depressant drugs are only effective in about 1/3 of patients. The doctor needs to change the treatment of the patient to determine an effective treatment plan. However, even if so, the same medication may no longer be effective for the patient for a period of treatment.

It is clear that Botox is totally different from the existing antidepressant drugs. Although Botox is administered by injection, it is not commonly administered orally. However, Nicholson believes there is absolutely no market obstacle in the route of administration. “We can educate the community of people with mental illness. If Botox is proven to be effective, the drug will be accepted soon and its injection method will be ignored.”

Nicholson’s optimism is for a reason. Just recently, Botox has achieved remarkable success in chronic migraine. Nicholson said, “The effectiveness of Botox in the treatment of chronic migraine is very significant. We have initiated a training program that is popular among neurologists and doctors, although they were not used to injections.”

As the leading drug of Allergan, Botox had sales of 1.98 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. Currently there are 11 indications for this drug. Although Botox is mentioned, it will be associated with wrinkles and crow’s feet. However, in fact, the product has higher sales in the treatment of diseases such as chronic migraine, overactive bladder and muscle spasm than in the beauty field. .

If the indication can be expanded to anti-depression, the drug sales may have new breakthroughs. However, what is the mechanism of Botox’s treatment of depression? Will it be because the patient has become beautiful after using Botox and is in a good mood?

In addition to Botox, Allergan has a clinical phase III drug rastatin for depression. Rapastinel is an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor modulator. In 2014, the FDA granted the drug a fast track qualification for adjuvant treatment of refractory major depressive disorder.

My guess is that perhaps an important reason for treating depression is: She becomes beautiful and her mood is naturally good. 😀

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