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Tessa Therapeutics, a Singapore-based cell therapy company, announced that due to increased investment demand, the company has received 50 million US dollars in financing, making the total amount of E round of financing reached 130 million US dollars. After completing this round of financing, Tessa will comprehensively accelerate the development of clinical trials worldwide and expand the scope of its virus-specific T cell (VST) technology platform. Tessa’s shareholders include Temasek Group, Singapore Economic Development Council Investment Corporation, Singapore National Cancer Center; the company’s R & D activities are supported by the Singapore Science and Technology Research Institute, and it has become a strategic partner with Parker Cancer Institute in the United States, responsible for the new cancer therapy market Promotion.

At the same time, Dr. Göran Ando, ​​former Chairman of Novo Nordisk, joined Tessa’s board of directors as an independent director. Dr. Ando said: “T cell therapy as the representative of cellular immunotherapy is one of the most exciting areas of the medical industry today, and Tessa Therapeutics is a leader in this area. I look forward to working with colleagues and management of Tessa’s board of directors. Further develop new treatments to provide patients with new treatment options.”

Tessa’s core technology platform is virus-specific T cells (VST). VST cells can specifically recognize and bind to viral antigens on the surface of tumor cells, thereby exerting the toxic effects of inducing tumor cell death. Compared with ordinary CAR-T, VST has a significant therapeutic effect on solid tumors and can persist in the human body for more than a decade, play a longer-term protective effect, and no serious grade 3 to grade 4 malady has occurred in existing clinical trials. reaction. At the same time, VST can also be combined with other therapeutic techniques. For example, VST plus CAR can be used to treat non-viral infection-related tumors.

Tessa’s international multi-center clinical trial network covers 30 first-class hospitals in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, including the Baylor College of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Stanford Cancer. Stanford Cancer Centre, City of Hope National Medical Centre, National Cancer Centre, University of Malaya Medical Centre, Chulalongkorn, Thailand King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, etc.

Tessa’s existing research projects include targeted research and development projects and a variety of general-purpose technologies. Targeted R&D projects include nasopharyngeal carcinoma (stage III clinical, more than half of patients recruited), cervical cancer (current stage I, 2019 enters phase II); a variety of general technical concepts are more advanced, and after successful research and development, breast cancer and lung cancer can be treated. , Gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer, etc. At present, the preclinical development stage is nearing the end and is undergoing Phase I clinical trials by the US FDA.

Tessa Pipeline

China is one of the countries with the most active research, application and investment in the field of global cell therapy. The companies that developed CAR-T products have recently received huge amounts of financing, such as Miao Shenzhou, Sippman, Yao Ming Nuo, and Koji Bio. , Stansai … … and Nanjing legendary CAR-T therapy also won the favor of pharmaceutical giant Janssen.

With the introduction of China’s “Guiding Principles for the Research and Evaluation of Cellular Products Technology,” the regulatory path for domestic CAR-T products has become clear. At present, more than 15 companies have submitted clinical applications for CAR-T cell therapy to CDE.

In addition to this, there are also a few companies such as Yongtai Bio that have developed cell therapy products that are different from CAR-T and have obtained clinical approvals.

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