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On April 27, Roche announced that Roche and its holding company, Foundation Medicine, Inc., have signed a cooperation agreement with Dean Diagnostic Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dean Diagnostics”). They will work together to promote the individualized treatment of cancer in China.

According to the cooperation agreement, Dean Diagnostics will become the exclusive partner of Foundation Medicine’s comprehensive genome sequencing analysis technology in the Chinese market and build a service platform for comprehensive tumor genome sequencing analysis technology. Roche and Dean Diagnostics will jointly promote the above products in China. The commercialization of the market. The three parties will make full use of their respective superior resources to fully promote the clinical application of the world’s leading gene sequencing technology in the field of Chinese cancer diagnosis and treatment, jointly promote new standards for individualized medical treatment of tumors, and improve the overall efficiency of cancer treatment.

FoundationOne® is the first product launched under this cooperation framework, and it is also the first comprehensive Genomic Profiling service (CGP) in China for patients with solid tumors. With a single test, patients can get a comprehensive genomic profiling report from FoundationOne®. This report will provide comprehensive molecular information for the clinician’s treatment decisions, find more treatment options, and help develop more targeted clinical treatment options.

As a leading biotechnology company in the world, Roche has individualized healthcare as a core strategy of the Group as early as 2006. In 2015, Roche Holdings Foundation Medicine, the world’s leading molecular information technology company, accelerated research and development in the field of molecular information, enhanced clinical trials and genome analysis capabilities, and actively explored the future of personalized medicine.

“In the past 20 years of cultivating China, Roche has spared no effort to help Chinese patients fight disease and prolong life by introducing innovative drugs,” said Ms. Zhou Hong, General Manager of Roche Pharmaceuticals in China. “Roche is fully aware that precise treatment is inseparable. As a leader in the field of oncology and personalized medicine, we have the responsibility to enable Chinese patients to benefit from advanced gene sequencing technology for oncology as soon as possible, and we are pleased to have reached a strategic cooperation with Dean Diagnostics, a leading medical diagnostics institution in China. Advanced gene sequencing technology provides technical support for the Chinese people to achieve their goal of ‘conquering cancer at an early date’.”

Chen Haibin, chairman of Dean Diagnostics, stated: “The individualized diagnosis and treatment of tumors is becoming a key issue in China’s precision medical field and will lead the development direction of China’s medical future. Over the years, Dean Diagnostics has actively established a precise diagnostic platform, including coverage of reproductive and tumors. The genetic sequencing platform for genetic disease diagnosis, and the biological mass spectrometry platform, we know that promoting the development of precision medicine in China and improving China’s clinical diagnostic level requires working with those who share the same goals. Dean Diagnostics and Foundation Medicine and Roche hand in hand, It is based on this thinking to jointly advance the application of the Foundation Medicine Comprehensive Genome Sequencing Technology (CGP) in clinical diagnosis and treatment in China.”

Malignant tumors are major diseases that seriously threaten human health and social development. According to the latest figures released by the National Cancer Center, about 278 people per 100,000 people are diagnosed as new cases, and about 167 people die from cancer; 7 people are diagnosed as malignant tumors every minute and 4 people die Cancer, causing the breakdown of many families, also imposes a heavy burden on the public health system. The “Healthy China” strategic plan clearly requires that by 2030, the overall 5-year survival rate of cancer in China should be further increased by 15%. In 2017, the Premier of the State Council clearly put forward the goal of “focusing on superior forces to tackle difficult and high-risk cancers” and called for adhering to the people-centered development thinking and working hard to overcome the problems that affect people’s health.

The application of comprehensive genome testing technology for solid tumors will break the traditional model of cancer treatment and treatment, and will establish a new standard for the diagnosis and treatment of individual tumors in China. The formation of China’s cancer big data provides support for the long-term cancer diagnosis and treatment, so that China’s solid tumor diagnosis and treatment are integrated into the international community in an efficient and precise era.

Application of Hybrid Capture-based second-generation sequencing technology (NGS), Genome Sequencing analysis method provided by Foundation Medicine can detect all four gene mutations and two gene tags in known cancer-related genes, and identification may be other Missing clinically relevant genetic variants and associated treatment options. The technology platforms and analytical methods used by Foundation Medicine have been analyzed and validated. Peer-reviewed validation results are published in the world’s leading scientific journal Nature Biotechnology. To date, more than 180,000 patients worldwide have benefited from it.

It is reported that Dean Diagnostics will also introduce Foundation Medicine’s advanced technology. It is expected that in 2019, the other two analytical information products, FoundationOne® Heme and FoundationACT®, will be launched.

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